From when it all started to the day of departure

It all started on the 25th of November. No it didn’t. It all started months before the 25th of November: finding an internship, getting a visa, organizing the trip, finding a room, subletting my own room, emptying it, finishing reports for all kinds of courses… Preparation is everything. Was it fun? Most of the time no, these were all things I did because I had too. Was it horrible then? Not all the time, especially the last parties/pubquizz/dinners were great; at least you get all your friends to come “because it is the last time you’ll see me before I leave”. Was it hard? Besides the physical stress and not getting enough sleep, the emotional stuff kicks in sometimes, you just can’t help it. You feel it is quite a big project, totally manageable and within your grasp, but big. And you’re doing it solo. Well, at least now I know just how much stress I can bear on 1.5 hour of sleep; I feel so young and strong!

But point being: it was the 25th of November, the Big Day, the Day of Departure, D-day, Jour J, de Grote Dag or how you want to call it. I knew I had packed way too much stuff. I knew one of my suitcases had exceeded the maximum weight for my travel category. I didn’t expect that that very suitcase would exceed the maximum allowable weight (I mean the maximum any luggage can be, the maximum weight the strong men behind the belts are allowed to work with)… Fortunately, with the help of my Goodbye Committee (parents and Tim), I managed to keep both suitcases under the absolute maximum weight and only had to pay for one heavy piece of luggage. It feels bad though when you see the lady behind the check-in desk putting “heavy” tags on your bags, clearly indicating just how heavy they were… Some kind of weird shame took hold of me, alternating with the feeling that I am allowed that much luggage because (1) I’m going away for 3.5 months, (2) in wintertime and (3) I’m a girl.

By the way, I’d like to open a small contest here: knowing that I had two bags that were both over the maximum limit of my ticket (23 kg per bag) and had a combined weight exceeding mine (52.7 kg), how much do you think each bag weighed? The first person to give a correct answer (within 0.5 kg) for both bags will get a pack of oreo-cookies 🙂 Members of the Goodbye Committee are not allowed to participate officially in this contest.

We had time to grab another drink/salad at the airport and then it was time for me to go to the gate. So you’re standing there in front of your Goodbye Committee and you’re not sure who to say goodbye to first and how. It’s way more difficult to get this part to go like on television as it seems. I was secretly hoping for the camera’s to come out of their hiding places and for someone to yell at me “First turn to your left, yes, hug goodbye, now laugh and hug again, ok next!”. Ok, I’m making it sound a bit more dramatic than it was, it all went fine, but hey, I have to make you want to read on…

First I had 3 hours of flight to Reykjavik. Short break at Reykjavik, about an hour and a half, and then 5.5 hours to Boston Logan. The flight to Reykjavik was pretty relaxed, I had three seats for myself and was most of the time spreading myself over those three seats. The flight to Boston was busier, all seats were taken, but my neighbours were nice and quiet and I tried to fill the gaps in my cinematographic culture by watching Dr. Dolittle and Borat.

I had chosen to be seated at the window for both flights. When the plane takes off from Schiphol and it is sunny, as it was on the 25th, it seems like the sea and the sky are merging, there is no horizon. I saw some ships far away, near the horizon, but it looked like they were floating in the sky just like a fleet of space ships. The second flight left from Reykjavik at 17.00 with a beautiful sunset. You know how sunsets can be so beautiful? I also discovered that they can become very, very, utterly boring when you have to look at them for almost 5 hours…

When you are tired and are not in the mood for reading or even more movies, you’ve got time to think about things. The weeks before my departure were spent in survival mode, getting everything ready on time. I didn’t give myself time to think about things or realize what I was doing. Now, I had some compulsory reflection time. And in fact I didn’t think that much, only that I was going to start all over again: new project, new room, new places, new people to meet… It doesn’t mean that you forget about the people and things you already know. It felt a bit like when I started to study in Wageningen. Actually, that made me feel tiny, hoping that good things would be waiting for me on the other side of the ocean.

First night spent in luxury and a glimpse of the american dream

At least, I was sure that the first night would be a good one. Knowing that I would arrive at Boston in the evening, I had decided to spend my first night there and take the bus to my final destination on Saturday morning. This was my choice: go to the cheapest hostel in town (also meaning I had to find the bus to get me there and find the bus stop for the bus to Woods Hole the next morning) or go to the nearest hotel at the airport (a bit more expensive but at least there is a shuttle to and from the airport and I knew that the Woods Hole bus also stops at the airport). It didn’t take me long to choose for option 2. I have to admit that the fact that the hotel offered a very nice breakfast, had a swimming pool and that I would be in a suite influenced my choice a bit. Just a little bit.

The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. Of course, the van driver was from Haiti and we started to speak French. Then, the doorman took my luggage on a big trolley and brought me to my room. Of course, again, we spoke French. Omar (the doorman) was from Morocco and a living example of the american dream. Since 1993, he has been trying to get to the US to work there and build a future for his family. In 2004, he took part in a lottery and won; apparently, there is a yearly lottery where he lived and winners get a green card (a card that allows you to permanently live and work in the US). Seven years later, he is still working to get everything ready for his wife and son to come over and live together with him.

The rest of the evening consisted of: internet, dinner (salmon with asparagus), more internet and sleeping in my king-size bed. The next day, I woke up quite early and started the day with a massive breakfast: pancakes with syrup, a waffle, yogurt, eggs, bacon, tea and orange juice. Then I decided to go explore that swimming pool; it was not so deep (1m), very hot and very empty. I was glad nobody else was in there, there was so much chlorine in the water that I’m almost sure my bikini starting dissolving after five minutes; I’m writing almost here because I couldn’t see it, my eyes were burning out of my head. Nevertheless, I enjoyed swimming in my private pool with the morning sun shining through the windows. Maybe I should have stayed at that hotel…

Arriving at Woods Hole

Check-out and back to the airport where I got the Peter Pan bus to Woods Hole. I expected to pay for two oversized bags but nothing happened. Perfect. The driver welcomed us in his bus and told us to “please sit back, relax and enjoy” and that is exactly what I did. He also said that calling was not allowed on board (only in case of emergency ans as short as possible) but texting was; that is exactly what they should be saying in the so-called “stiltecoupés” in Dutch trains!

I was picked up by one of my housemates, Jared, at the bus station. I dumped my luggage at the house and we went to Walmart to get extra stuff for my room (a desk, lamps, a bed set…). We also went to his parents’ to pick up his dog and I was immediately invited to join for dinner (rests of the Thanksgiving dinner). I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my room done. Beautiful room: big, luminous, queen bed, walk-in closet with big mirror doors, breathtaking view of the ocean; oh yes, and the wrong room… I spent two days in that room and then moved to my real room on the other side of the corridor. At least I spent two nights in a beautiful room; I woke up smoothly at 6.15 because of the sun, turned around, lifted my head, moved the curtain away and looked at the most beautiful sunrise. You don’t need much to feel happy and peaceful! My new room does not have the view or the sunrise but the living room does so I have breakfast there 🙂

But anyway, back to Saturday. I joined Jared’s family for dinner, had all the classics of Thanksgiving on my plate (nice, nice!) and then we went to the Irish pub with the whole family (parents, brother and grandfather). Danny Quinn was performing that night and it was fun to hear all these songs, some of them known to me, some not. Music and beer, what more does a student need?

The real biologist in me: exploring the surroundings

My first weekend at Woods Hole was very sunny and warm (16-20 degrees!). I spent quite some time exploring my new territory, walking around and since Tuesday also biking. There actually is a biking path here, the Shining Sea biking path (and yes, the sea is shining over here! I should have taken my sunglasses with me…); it goes from the centre of Woods Hole up to Falmouth. Falmouth is a little bigger than Woods Hole and has all kinds of shops and things to do.

Well, I’m not going to describe too much here, I’ll just post some pictures. What I can tell you is that there is an awful lot of space and nature here. I already spotted a black squirrel, fat grey squirrels, a fox, tons of birds… They also have the house sparrow (huismus) and mallard (wilde eend, voor mij gewoon huiseend) here and then all the local variations on what we have in Europe, for example a blackbird (merel) with an orange belly. According to the people here, there are also coyotes. Walking around, you also find all kinds of beautiful things on the road: shells and a shark egg for now. Maybe it’s just a gift of mine to find weird stuff on the road like my owl and squirrel, though.

Having the sea just down the road is something special: you smell it, you see it, you feel it… Remember how I wrote that a sunset can be very, very, utterly boring? Well the sea can’t. At least not for now but I have to say that I did not spend 5 hours looking at it yet. The biking path really wears its name well, the sea is shining here and I’ve never seen so many different types of blue together! It’s hard to describe and very difficult to get on a picture but I’ll try. But having the sea nearby feels like I’m on holiday. Or in Wimereux, although technically that also is some kind of holiday.

Getting settled: hello new habits!

I’m already starting to slip into some little habits here. The first thing was when I bought cookies in the supermarket; they have a brand of cookies called Newtons and they are in fact the american version of Figolu (a french cookie with fig filling). The only differences being the name and the size of the package. Within two days, they were all gone… (note that for the contest on my weight at departure that we’ll have in a few months!). And I can’t help it, I have to make this stupid joke, and fortunately it is in French so the damage will be restricted to a few people: pourquoi est-ce que ces biscuits s’appellent des Newtons? Parce qu’ils te font gagner du poids. Hahaha.

Yesterday, two men came to the house to buy a car from one of my housemates. They were not from here (from Colorado I think). It was the usual “Hello, nice to meet you, how are you doing?”, then they signed the papers and then one of the guys greeted me with “It was nice meeting you, mama”. Mama?! Well, I guess I’ll get used to that too…

One habit that people have here and I don’t (not yet at least) is wearing a helmet when cycling. Another habit that people have is wearing a baseball cap at all times of the day. Apparently, you can combine those and put your helmet on your cap. I’ll think about it. Then on the biking path, there are signs explaining that you should keep right and pass other bikers/people from the left and warn them before you do so. On Monday, some military guys were training on the bike path (walking with all their gear on) and suddenly, I heard “I’m coming on your LEFT” and one of the guys passed by. Almost had a heart attack there! But I’ve started to take on that habit because I don’t have a bell on my bike. So when I need to pass a pedestrian (especially one with a dog, taking up the whole bike path with its leash), I’ll say “excuse me, coming on your left” and that works. Weird though…

Well, sitting in the “fishbowl” (the students’ room here, mijn nieuwe studentenhok inclusief flexplekken!) and reading this whole story, I think that’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you feel like doing so! As they say here: take care and have a good one!


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