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“Personal development of a European student through biological research and social integration in a small coastal city of Massachusetts, USA”, Journal of Personal Development and Self-Reflection Based Studies, volume 23, issue 1, 1-5.



The present study focuses on the personal development of a European student through the completion of an internship in a foreign country. This internship is part of a European educational program (Master level) through which young adults, mostly of Dutch nationality, are expected to gain knowledge and develop skills in selected fields of biology.

At the start of the program, all participants follow a set of fixed courses; this core program allows the participants to discover in which field(s) they want to specialize. At the end of the curriculum, participants have to do an internship, are encouraged to leave their home country and are challenged to refine their knowledge and skills in the chosen field of biology while trying to incorporate the habits and customs of their new country of residence.

This paper aims at describing the personal development of a Dutch student going through the process of research internship in the United States.


In this study, one female individual, from the cohort of biology students who started their program in 2006, has been followed for a period of seven weeks in the winter 2011-2012. All her activities and thoughts were recorded and subsequently categorized during that period. The categories used were: “scientific activities”, “social activities”, “other individual activities” and “thoughts about local social events and own activities”.

The subject arrived in her new country of residence at the end of November 2011 and is expected to stay there until the beginning of March 2012. The housing consisted of an individual, furnished room in a house shared with three local males and two dogs. The house was situated close to the sea and the woods and was kept at a temperature between 14.5˚C and 16.5˚C. Food was provided in three to four meals a day; most products were purchased from the “Stop and Shop” store, which is widely used by local inhabitants.

For the scientific activities, an experiment using cuttlefish and sound signals was given to the subject. For this experiment, she was expected to test different sounds on a set of ten cuttlefish and analyze the results in order to quantify the behavioural responses of the animals to different sound frequencies and intensities. The social activities took place within different social circles; the two most important ones being the house and the lab. Activities included organized events (like parties and dinners) as well as unplanned visits to local bars. Individual activities were left to the subject to decide on and organize.


Scientific activities

In the last two weeks of December, recorded scientific activities consisted of building the experimental set-up: a round tank with three possible water levels and continuous seawater flow. A speaker connected to a laptop and several other electric devices was used to produce different sounds. The subject learned how to connect these devices and calibrated the set-up. She also spent a morning painting the inside of the experimental tank white; for this, she got special waterproof paint and rolled the tank outside the building on her own. Wearing protective clothing (including mouth cap), she applied two layers of epoxy paint on the inside of the tank and let it dry before rolling it back into the lab. Other scientific activities included: getting ten cuttlefish and taking care of them (daily feeding and cleaning of the housing tanks), collecting diverse props needed for the experiments and organizing the personal lab in order to survive in it for ten subsequent days.

At the beginning of January, the actual experiments started and the subject showed extreme dedication to her project by getting up as early as 6.15 to perform tests. At the time this article was written, the subject had already performed tests for six subsequent days; the expectations are that she will be able to finish the ten days of subsequent testing.

On several occasions during the test days, signs of procrastination were observed; the subject would be emailing and listening to music. The extensive mailing sessions were addressed to several friends from the subject’s home country and were particularly long around lunchtime (t > 30 minutes).

Social activities

Recorded social activities during the period of study were: the Shop party (a yearly party organized by WHOI), diverse evenings with people from the subject’s lab, Christmas inTexaswith family of the subject and the New Year’s party (at the same place as a previous party mentioned by the subject on her blog).

During the Shop party, normal party behaviour was observed (eating, drinking, dancing, talking). The subject did not show signs of excessive alcohol consumption and got home safely. Two evenings in a local Mexican bar-restaurant showed the same results (without dancing); these evenings were organized by fellow lab students and were based on the concept of “happy hour”. However, no excessive consumption of alcohol was noted during those events. Another activity organized by fellow lab students was the fondue evening (including cheese and chocolate fondue); results from behavioural observations during the fondue evening were consistent with those from the Mexican bar.

The subject spent Christmas with family in Austin, Texas. The major part of the activities on Christmas day consisted of feeding, resting and socializing. During the next day, the subject was dropped off in the centre of Austin and walked around for almost two hours, buying food and clothing items (a dress) on her own, demonstrating good decision-making abilities regarding expenses and a keen sense of judgement when comparing different clothing items and choosing the best fits.

The New Year’s party was considered by the subject as one of the best parties of the last weeks. At the start of the party, the subject demonstrated her improving skills at a game called “Beirut”; this game is played in two teams of two and its goal is to throw a ping-pong ball into one of the cups of the opposing team (6-10 cups per team depending on what is decided at the start of the game). Beirut is a drinking game: when a ball lands in a cup, the team to which the cup belongs has to drink its content. This game requires extreme agility skills and it takes years of intense training to master the different techniques for throwing the ball. Despite her inexperience, the subject did very well, scoring at least three cups during her third game ever and thus earning the respect of her team mate, of the members of the opposing team and of several people in the audience. The New Year’s party proved to be an effective way for people to get acquainted and learn to know each other inside out; our subject did not participate in this way of getting to know conspecifics and preferred to observe these social processes from a safe distance.

Other individual activities

The individual activities observed during the time span of our study highlighted different facets of our subject. The subject indulged into artistic activities (playing the violin) at least once a week and up to four times a week. All produced music was played by heart as no music sheet was available to the subject.

At the end of December, a particularly outstanding athletic activity was recorded. The subject biked around Martha’s Vineyard(about 85 km). She went from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs and then to Edgartown, Aquinnah, Gay Head and back to Vineyard Haven; she started at 7.45 in the morning and biked until 16.00 in the afternoon, after which she had an early dinner and took the ferry back home. Interestingly, although the hilly relief of the island is visible from the mainland, the subject did not think about this when embarking on her bike trip and expected a flat and easy to bike landscape.

Other activities, judged of less impact, included: driving a car multiple times to the supermarket and other shops, jumping into a pile of dead leaves, climbing on the roof of her house to try to observe coyotes and spending time in front of the fireplace (this activity occurred several times a week, sometimes preceded by starting the fire herself).

Thoughts about local social events and own activities

During the last weeks of December, the subject was repeatedly confronted to local habits around Christmas not usual in her home country and therefore new to her. These recurring confrontations elicited a series of thoughts labeled “Christmas craze” by the subject. She felt like, wherever she was, Christmas was too. Groups of scientists would walk around labs, singing Christmas carols and handing out the lyrics, inciting other scientists (including the subject of our study) to participate in the singing. At her own lab, she even saw a group of jogging scientists, wearing Santa Claus hats and singing Christmas carols; this was described by locals as the “WHOI Jingle Bell Run”. The subject thought she was hallucinating when she saw red noses, red reindeer antlers and Santa Claus hats on cars and whale skeletons. Even the stewardess on the plane to Austin was wearing a Christmas accessory in her hair. She felt brainwashed when hearing Christmas songs in every shop, hence her thought of using the phrase “Christmas craze”.

Another recurring thought is that most people working at the supermarket absolutely don’t know how to pack. Most of the time, the subject ends up with as many bags as the number of items she bought because one of the employees at the supermarket packed them individually. Cooled items and items kept at room temperature were often bagged together, which “annoyed the crap” out of the subject.

Most of the thoughts recorded during the period of study were one-liners and therefore will be displayed as such in this paragraph. About the fact that she wears thermo-clothing at night to keep warm: “Winter in Woods Hole really kills the sexy in me!”. About the local food: “Cookiiiiiiiiiies!!!”. About the cuttlefish: “Cutie-fish” (when the animals are cooperating) or “KUT-fish” (when they are not). About wearing protective clothing and a mouth cap for painting the tank: “Luke, I am your father”. When the alarm goes off on experiment days: “…bluh…” (more rarely used variations being “argl” and “Die, alarm, die!”). When feeding the cuttlefish: “Look at me, I’m a shrimp, lalalalala”. When biking back over the hilly landscape of Martha’s Vineyard: “Stupid me, stupid, stupid, stupid me!”.


Regarding the scientific activities, the subject proved to be very skilled and able to work in an independent way, solving technical problems with brio. The only setbacks observed consisted of the moments of procrastination involving the use of the internet. Although these unproductive moments did not influence the net result of the scientific activities (the subject still managed to perform all planned experiments and finish on time every day), a possible solution would be to restrict the access to the internet. However, this would also interfere with the scientific activities themselves as the subject could need to look for information or articles related to her project on the internet. Moreover, these moments of procrastination were probably due to the fact that the subject had very little to no contact with conspecifics during lab hours and often was the only person present in the building. This hypothesis is supported by a significant decrease in procrastination time observed on days when contact with colleagues was made possible.

A peculiar behaviour observed in the category of social activities was the low consumption of alcohol at local bars. A low consumption of alcohol during other social activities like the fondue can easily be explained by the fact that the subject had to get home by herself (on the bike) and did not want to do this in a state of total drunkenness; however, in the case of the Mexican bar, transport was provided by a lab colleague and nothing seemed to restrict the alcohol intake during happy hour. Subsequent research showed that, due to a specific state law, happy hour at that local bar only applies to food and not to drinks; most certainly, this explains why the observed amount of alcohol ingested by the subject remained well below the expected amount.

As stated earlier by the subject herself, this stay in a foreign country seems to be catalyzing her personal development and self-reflection skills. The individual activities contributing to this development and expansion of skills can be categorized as activities allowing the subject to get back to her inner self (playing the violin, spending reflective time in front of the fireplace etc.) or as activities allowing the subject to surpass herself and defy her limits (biking around Martha’s Vineyard for example).

Finally, thoughts about the bagging skills of supermarket employees will be shortly discussed as it is thought that they reflect the deep-rooted drive of the subject to plan, organize and reduce the level of entropy of things in order to enhance their functionality. The aversion for having her groceries bagged by a stranger lies in both the quality and the quantity of the bagging. The lack of bagging quality was defined as the amount of randomness with which items were put together in the same bag: items predestined to go in the fridge with items that do not need to be kept in the fridge or heavy items like milk packs with fragile items like eggs. The quantity of bagging was termed inappropriate if two or less items were packed in one bag; the subject thought it was really useless to pack one pack of milk or one pack of cereals in its own bag. Sometimes, although the quantity of plastic bags was very low (Qb = 1 bag), the subject was startled by this quantity because of the nature of the packed object (a basket that would be used to contain other objects) that, according to her, did not need to be meta-packed.


Although the subject needed a few days to acclimate to life in a foreign country, she is in good health and has managed to survive through the first critical weeks of her stay. She has shown a high adaptability in social situations and has integrated well with local conspecifics. Some situations still elicit reactions of curiosity or surprise in the subject but these are not life-threatening situations.

Overall, the expectation is that the subject will successfully finish her internship. Following this pilot study, other students are also expected to do well and develop themselves in comparable circumstances.


This study would not have been possible without the help of friends and family of the subject; through their multiple emails, skype conversations, visits etc. they have given the subject support and provided her with indescribable fun when she needed it. All the local friends and colleagues also need to be thanked for their understanding, patience, support and friendship; they made it easier for the subject to integrate in new social situations.

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